Mission Statement

The PBUA will recruit qualified and dedicated amateur umpires interested in working at all levels of baseball.

The PBUA will offer umpire improvement opportunities by providing linkages to training meetings and clinics; rules tests; and other educational materials.

The PBUA will share information on rules, mechanics and officiating philosophy.

The PBUA will provide umpires with a current NFHS Rule Book and Mechanics Manual.

The PBUA will liaison with the Virginia High School League am to ensure member umpires benefit to the fullest from the VHSL’s programs.

The PBUA will form alliances with other umpire associations and professional organizations to ensure member umpires benefit from affiliated programs.

The PBUA will interface with schools, leagues, conferences, and amateur baseball organizations to establish relationships that will lead to enhanced opportunities for umpiring assignments.

The PBUA will standardize the uniform for umpires working games assigned by the PBUA commissioner.

The PBUA will utilize a standardized umpire evaluation process which will incorporate input from veteran umpires, coaches and qualified independent evaluators.

The PBUA will remain committed to the highest standards of officiating professionalism and integrity both on and off the field.

The PBUA’s reason for existence is to improve high school baseball umpiring and to enhance all aspects of officiating high school baseball.

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