About Us


The Peninsula Baseball Umpires Association (PBUA) is a not-for-profit, equal opportunity organization with a goal to provide highly dedicated and qualified officials to High Schools Baseball programs in southeastern Virginia.  All members of the PBUA support the principle of fair play and sportsmanship among all participants of the interscholastic Baseball program.  PBUA members develop, implement and maintain a high degree of National Federation Rules knowledge to conscientiously and impartially enforce these rules in a competitive environment, promoting player safety.  The PBUA is constantly improving the administration of our Baseball program through improved mechanics and providing a necessary liaison among officials, athletic directors, coaches, players, press and spectators.  The PBUA develops and abides by a Code of Conduct which will reflect credit upon its membership.  The PBUA Executive Board is listed below and each member can be contacted for answers about any questions concerning the PBUA.

                                                  2021 – 2022 EXECUTIVE BOARD

                PRESIDENT:                     STEVE REID

               VICE PRESIDENT:             HARRY “CHIP” SMITH

               SECRETARY:                     CLEVE WRIGHT

              TREASURER:                     BRADY PIPER

               PARLIAMENTARIAN:        SEAN JUDGE

               INTERPRETOR:                  GEORGE BARBER

               COMMISSIONER:               TED ALBER (pbuacommissioner@gmail.com)


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